about | brendan lees - musician - drummer

I'm a drummer currently based in Melbourne, Australia, formerly Byron Bay.

I have loved music for as long as I can remember.

I've been learning to play music on the drums since I was about 13.

If someone described me as a slightly over-educated rock drummer - I would agree.

I'm currently playing in the band Kalacoma and sometimes with my friends Walker Talker, Louis Spoils & Max Quinn.

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Some artists you may know who I have had the good fortune of working for:

Pete Murray

Toni Childs

Dallas Frasca

Some producers I have had the pleasure of working with in the studio:

Nick Didia (Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots)

Tony Buchen (Neil Finn, The Preatures)

Michael Stavrou (David Bowie, The Police)

Dave Davis (Nick Cave, Paul Kelly)

Nick Herrera (Hiatus Kaiyote, Kalacoma)

Some artists you should know who I have had the greater fortune of collaborating with:

Cameron Spike Porter (Spike)

Connor B Fitz

Dave Tweedie (Totum)

Alex McLeod

Cassie Rose

Sarah Grant

Andy Jans Brown

Southern Cross University: Bachelor of Music (Performance) 2007-2010

Some amazing musicians (who happen to be drummers) that I have had the privilege to learn from at some point in time:

Mark Guiliana

Dave Elitch

Michael Iveson

Darryn Farrugia

David Jones

Dave Sanders

Scott Hills

  1. Search Your Head Every Day Carry 0:53
  2. Puzzles (Live) Kalacoma 0:35
  3. Broken Trust Cassie Rose 0:40
  4. Welfare The Kamikazi Thunderkats 0:22
  5. RIP Every Day Carry 0:41
  6. The Interlude (Live) Cameron Spike Porter 0:52
  7. Flipside Al Mcleod 0:58
  8. Giant Shoulders Northmost 0:58
  9. The Boys Max Quinn 0:38
  10. Free Me Al Mcleod 0:33
  11. Feeling Free Cassie Rose 0:31
  12. Say Greg Kew 0:46
  13. Hazard A Guess Northmost 0:30
  14. Boogeyman (Live - Drum Solo Excerpt) Cameron Spike Porter 0:36