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First post!

Seeing as I have no content here yet (and probably won’t for a little while), I thought I may as well steer you in the direction of some drum-specific blogs to chew on in the meantime.

Spire Focus – plenty of quality interviews with some great Australian drummers/musicians/producers.

Cruise Ship Drummer – a plethora of great reading and an invaluable resource for all sorts of transcriptions, highly recommended.

Hip Drum Shit – not really being updated anymore, but some good stuff in the archives.

Drumming As Art – Another great Aussie blog.

Four On The Floor – one for the jazzers.

That should do for now, check back soon and hopefully I will have some new stuff here.




  1. Search Your Head Every Day Carry 0:53
  2. Puzzles (Live) Kalacoma 0:35
  3. Broken Trust Cassie Rose 0:40
  4. Welfare The Kamikazi Thunderkats 0:22
  5. RIP Every Day Carry 0:41
  6. The Interlude (Live) Cameron Spike Porter 0:52
  7. Flipside Al Mcleod 0:58
  8. Giant Shoulders Northmost 0:58
  9. The Boys Max Quinn 0:38
  10. Free Me Al Mcleod 0:33
  11. Feeling Free Cassie Rose 0:31
  12. Say Greg Kew 0:46
  13. Hazard A Guess Northmost 0:30
  14. Boogeyman (Live - Drum Solo Excerpt) Cameron Spike Porter 0:36